Sue has penned dozens of stories for a wide variety of media outlets and clients, from the The Chicago Tribune to CBS News, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight, Lifetime Television, Hearst Entertainment, The New York Daily News and The New York Times.

The clips excerpted below represent a sample of her work, much of which now exists behind corporate firewalls. From her first professional writing gig as a high-schooler, when she penned a column for a community Chicago newspaper, until the present, she has specialized in finding and telling compelling stories that place people at their very center.

 Recent clips:

What We Know About How Sleep Problems Affect Thinking and Memory,” Everyday Health (March 2019)

What Women Need to Know About Heart Disease,” In The Groove (March 2019)

Everything You Need to Know About Your Circadian Rhythm and How It Affects Your Sleep,” Everyday Health (Feb 2019)

You Know Sleep Is an Important Part of Health — Here’s Why It’s an Important Women’s Health Issue, Too,Everyday Health (Feb 2019)

Women and PTSD: The Public Health Problem Nobody Talks About,” Everyday Health (Oct 2018)

Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing Triggers Trauma in Sexual Assault Victims,” Everyday Health (Sept 2018)

"How KPMG is helping Puerto Rico get back on its feet," KPMG (April 2018)

Other Sample Work:

"Creating Additional Living Space at Glen Oaks Village," Habitat (May 2017)

"Classy Office Shares," New York Post (Aug 2010)

"Giving Credit Where Credit (Union) is Due" (Aug 2010)

A Full portfolio can be found here.